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What is WAT-C ?

The Web Accessibility Tools Consortium [WAT-C] provides a collection of free tools to assist both developers and designers in the development and testing of accessible web content. The consortium is a collaboration of some of the world's leading accessibility practitioners, founded by Accessible Information Solutions (Australia), Infoaxia (Japan), The Paciello Group (USA), Wrong HTML (Japan), and Juicy Studio (UK).

Our goals are to develop new tools, improve current tools and expand the range of browsers, operating systems and languages in which our tools are available.

WAT-C Focus on Internationalisation:

The issue of web accessibility is relevant to all and we want to provide tools for the development of accessible web content worldwide. If you are interested in contributing to the translation and localisation of our tools, please contact us.

WAT-C Current Projects:

Recent Releases:

Selected Tools Developed by WAT-C members:

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Latest News

IE 8 beta with WAI ARIA SUPPORT! - Microsoft introduces support for the W3C ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application specification).

Tool Customisation

We develop customised versions of our tools to suit the web accessibility testing requirements of Government, Educational, Corporate and Not for Profit organisations.
Contact: Steve Faulkner [TPG]

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